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Do you get enough sleep?


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I know all of us here work HARD. That's inherently part of being a resilient community leader. Some times, that hard work comes at expense of our sleep. We've all been there – burning the candle at both ends or working til' the wee hours of the night because we're driven to keep the wheels spinning. Thing is, sleep is imperative for our overall quality of life. 

Wondering, do you feel like you get enough sleep? If not, why? And what can you do to change that?

Here are a few things I personally try and (though I some times fail) to make sure I get the best possible sleep:

1.) Keep it cool 😎. Literally. I keep my place pretty cold at night - here's a report (of many) suggesting sleeping in a colder environment will help your overall slumber. 

2.) Put the phone away. This one is tough because of how intimately integrated we are into the digital world. I do my best to put my phone away an hour before I crash and put it on 'do not disturb' mode. The blue light and constant drip of information/notifications can be a lot on our brain activity. Putting the phone away ahead of falling asleep gives the brain a chance to chill. 

3.) Journal. Another toughy because pretty much every time I think 'meh I'll do it tomorrow,' but I force myself to anyway - even if it's just one minute - to scribble down a few things I'm grateful for or write a little goal down. I always, 100% of the time, am happy I did it afterward.

Alright team, drop a line in the comments. Do YOU get enough sleep? Do any of these tips help? Would love to hear from you. And hopefully I didn't put you to sleep 😴 😂 

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