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  • Thank you for taking a moment to get familiar with the Rules of the Coconutery. 

    These guidelines create boundaries for our community to follow. They exist to protect you from harm, and help keep the Coconutery a safe space for pop music and culture lovers. 🙏 

    Topics and replies that are acceptable and encouraged...

    • Elevate the conversation.
    • Encourage others to reply with meaningful responses
    • Are thought provoking
    • Offer value and insight
    • Share useful information
    • Create discussions. 

    Posts that are unacceptable and discouraged...

    • Include racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic content. If a comment is hateful in nature, there will be repercussions. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence. 
    • Do not post or publicly share any download/file sharing links.
    • Please post Topics to the appropriate forum
    • Excessive bumping of old threads may result in warning points.
    • When posting gifs that are NOT provided as emoticons please remember that it is 3 gifs per post max. Failure to comply to this may result in warning points. 


    Rules On Reporting:

    While it is encouraged to report any rule breaker within reason, try not to misuse the report button. Do not report anything unless it is actually worth reporting - this includes (but is not limited to) topics that have already been locked.

    In short, the following is what is deemed worth reporting by the Coconutery Moderators Team:

    • Racist/homophobic/transphobic/sexist posts
    • File sharing/download links/snippets of upcoming releases (audio/video)
    • Duplicate accounts/previously banned members
    • ****ography/nudity
    • Website promoters (threads/posts/messages)
    • Stalking/posting personal information without permission (threads/posts/messages)
    • Spam
    • Death threats/wishes


    Automatic moderation:

    Members can help contribute! A post that receives 3 or more reports from the Coconutery will automatically be hidden from view.


    We're in this together:

    Bear in mind that we are human and doing our best. Please think before reporting. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. Communication is key.

    We're here for you. Thank you for being a part of the Coconutery!

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