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Welcome to Invision Community's Health Club


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Hey team, appreciate you making your way over to our new Health Club. This Club might be coming out of left field, but I think now more than ever it's important we tread into this territory as a community. 

Needless to say the world is in a really weird place right now. We thought it'd be a good idea to create a little pocket in our own community for clients to lean on each other. If you want no part of this we totally understand, but I encourage you to please, even if it's 1%, be open minded and keep this link in your back pocket. 

I know it's a bit intimidating to open up about your level of fitness, nutrition (even if it's basically non-existent right now) and even your mental fitness. These are areas I personally work on and it's helped me become a better community leader.

Sure, this Club could be dead on arrival and no one will care, but perhaps it'll brighten someone's day, provide some support or even change lives. 

Feel free to "Follow" this Club forum and participate. Peace, love and broccoli. ✌️💚 🥦 

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