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About this blog

I know this might sound a little coconuts, but I have a huge passion for these delectable fruits. 

This is the first photo I ever took of a coconut. Stunning, am I right? 


Well, that's all for today. Just wanted to share! 


Entries in this blog

I had the best vacation ever!

The moment I stepped off the plane and felt that warm Caribbean sun, I knew I was in heaven.  All the years of hard work finally paid off. I booked it straight to my hotel, slipped into their gold, satin robe, and began living a life of luxury!  The only thing I regret is not doing this sooner. Even better - my family will be arriving tomorrow before sunset. Looking forward to spending time with them in a setting that isn't the mundane of our normal routine!


Jordan in Blog

Are you crazy for coconuts?

We've all been that guy at the party - talking about coconuts. Wait, maybe that's just me. In this new blog entry, I'll discuss my love of coconuts, why they're so great for you, and how we can help the monkeys in Thailand.


Jordan in News

Here's why coconuts are so healthy for you

You've made your way to the Coconutery, the world's leading non-existent coconut community.  You know by now that coconuts are crazy healthy for you, but what specifically makes them grade-A?  Here's a few reminders:   They're highly nutritious Unlike many other fruits that are high in carbs, coconuts provide mostly fat (5Trusted Source, 6Trusted Source, 7Trusted Source). They also contain protein, several important minerals, and small amounts of B vitamins. However


Jordan in News

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